10 rules office dating

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I recently had an email conversation with a reader about a peculiar situation in which she found herself involved.

Keisha* is an early thirtysomething, African-American executive assistant for a human resource manager at an energy company, and has worked there for a little less than three years.

However, these days we need to monitor and edit everything we share on social networks, even when we think they're posted privately.

Rochon warns, "Sharing romantic office relationships on social media is risky simply because even with secure privacy settings you still run the risk of a private (and possible restricted) office romance becoming public."According to Rochon, studies show that with the increased risk of hackers and lapse in cloud security, we have to be more cautious than ever in order to conceal our romantic trysts at the office.

You should consult your employee handbook, and if that's not clear, ask your HR department directly.

With singles representing a larger portion of the civilian workforce than ever before, 44 percent, according to the American Management Association, office romances will likely continue to increase.

A Career survey reports that 40 percent of respondents have dated a co-worker at some time in their careers, and 18 percent said they have had at least two office relationships.

Picture the scene: you're working for a growing company that has some of the best staff in the industry.

The organisation could be the market leader within a year, which means you could be climbing the corporate ladder in no time.

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    We typically do this in the form of roundtable discussions at our office or online.

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