18 28 year old dating ranbir dating deepika video

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It looks like Jamie Lynn has put all the drama behind her and has moved on, though.

A source tells Star exclusively that Jamie Lynn, 18, has moved on to 28-year-old James Watson, a well-to-do Louisiana businessman.

Working for the biggest names in fashion she is known for her flawless looks and explosive personality, we take a look through the best pictures of the British fashion icon.

No doubt the envy of his friends, what teen wouldn't want to say they’ve bagged a supermodel, albeit an older one.

He looks so good for his age and his skin is flawless.

That may be the case, if he didn't grossly lie about his age. A thirty-year-gap in that particular case is just a bit ripe for an unequal relationship and potential abuse, especially given the fact that he's an established liar.

In all seriousness, If you genuinely care about someone and love them, the age shouldn't play a critical role. In all seriousness, If you genuinely care about someone and love them, the age shouldn't play a critical role. I'm sorry, but in no universe is a 48 year old who lies about being 28 to date an 18 year old, worth the kind of hassle that comes from lying about being twenty years younger. BUT when it involves lying SIGNIFICANTLY about your age, that's a huge red flag.Casey and Jamie Lynn seemed to reunite for a while, although there were stories last summer that they were calling off their engagement and breaking up.The last time they were spotted together was in November at a Broadway show in NY.In 2008, we heard plenty of stories about how Jamie Lynn Spears’ baby daddy and fiance, Casey Aldridge, was fooling around with other women behind her back.Multiple women spoke to the tabloids with stories about how Aldridge was wooing them while Spears was either pregnant with Aldridge’s baby or had just given birth to their daughter Maddie, now one and a half.

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