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In the Pleistocene Era, commonly known as the Ice Age, some 26,000 years ago, woolly and Columbian mammoths stopped to drink at the spring-fed waters here, and fell into a sinkhole.

Not until 1974 were their remains found by an eagle-eyed construction worker.

My staff, along with your ideas, can design a solution to most any circumstance.

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Female hard ticks are capable of enormous expansion upon engorgement.

The mouthparts of hard ticks extend forward and are visible from above (Figure 1a).

Here you will be able to search for a specific trade and contact information.

Once you have contacted that shop supervisor, you are well on your way to solving whatever unique need you may have.

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The publisher says the title’s too long, but this is important stuff. This is a kid-friendly place; nobody cares if you climb a sphere, and there’s even a hands-on museum in the park.

The habitats for the two tick families are quite different.

Hard ticks are commonly found in wooded or weedy areas containing a good number of hosts such as deer, cattle, dogs and small mammals. Specimens of (a) hard tick and (b) soft tick collected in South Dakota.

Soft ticks are leathery and the males and females generally look similar.

The mouthparts of soft ticks are attached below the body and are not readily visible from above (Figure 1b).

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