Being too picky dating

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) Darcy, you’re still living up your pseudo-fantasy?

And what happens if, after twenty years of looking for your Mr/(Mrs?

Every girl deserves a good guy, but let’s be realistic–there’s only one Ryan Gosling, and he’s not available to most of us.

And I have another who has dated everyone she knows for a short period of time, but she's constantly trying to 'upgrade,' so she's never happy.” But what are some signs that you, like Gillian’s friends, have sky-high expectations preventing you from seeing the great guy right in front of you? You Can’t Put Your Finger on Why He’s Not Good Enough You say “he’s just not my type,” but you can’t come up with concrete reasons why.

You might not even have a defined “type,” you just know that whatever it is, he’s not it. You don’t actually know what you want, and not knowing what you want means you’ll never be satisfied in a relationship. Make a list, but make sure it’s not too specific... You Stick to Your Specific List of Must-Haves You’ve written up a list of qualities that defines your dream guy, from a specific down-to-the-decimal number in his bank account, to the placement of the dimple on his left cheek (okay, well, maybe not that specific).

You know - and your friends tell you too - that you are smart, attractive and good at your work.

But despite so many obvious qualities, you are still single while those far less eligible than you are getting on with their second babies and suburban homes.

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