Dating guitars by control pots

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From turning down your volume and fine-tuning your tone, to coil-tapping your humbucker, pots are an integral part of your guitar.

By understanding potentiometers, or, “pots” (for brevity’s sake) a little more, you can make sure you pick the right pot for your guitar. By turning the pot, you are changing the way electricity flows through it.

The first three digits are the manufacturer’s code. The fourth digit is the year of manufacture and the last two numbers will be the week of manufacture.In this case the fourth and fifth digits are the year and the sixth and seventh digits are the week of manufacture.If you are unsure if the digit denoting the year is in which decade (1957, 1967, etc.) then try to determine this by the amplifier it is in.A, the pot has a Resistance Strip, made of resistance material, and a sweeper.The sweeper will sweep across the resistor strip to achieve the resistance you want. This is the foundation for all the possibilities you can achieve – from volume pots, to tone pots – let’s check out a few variations to see how we get multiple uses from one pot: Brass Tacks: Single Coil pickups and brighter-sounding pickups (think Strat, Tele) with the exception of P-90’s use 250K Pots.

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