Is trace cyrus still dating hannah beth

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Although a nightmare for parents wondering what the hell happened to their children, and a current nightmare for young adults looking back on old pictures of themselves, nearly half a decade later, many scene queen idols have yet to become obsolete.

In 2011, Rolling Stone Magazine did an exposé on Kiki Kannibal’s time in the spotlight and the horrors of the stalkers and predators that preceded. Hanna Beth’s reign over the internet revolved around copious amounts of drama.

It was the era of raccoon striped hair, extreme eyeliner and blinged-out Hello Kitty paraphernalia.

Myspace ruled the Interwebs, and hipsters and galaxy backgrounds were not yet a polarizing pair.

Although the scandal that surrounded her was life-changing, she continues to insists that she is still culturally relevant. Previously dating Miley’s older brother Trace Cyrus, Hanna Beth is no stranger to ~the spotlight~. Kitching was arguably the most well recognized scene queen, and that may or may not be accredited to her signature pink hair.

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Hand-in-hand with the rise of powerpop and emo music, scene culture transcended through time, space, and the internet, to concert venues, small towns, and malls (Hot Topic).Singer, Trace Cyrus simply tweeted, “and then there were two.” With the departures, it may seem as though there are internal issues within the band, but Anthony can assure fans that is not the case. Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso from Metro Station recently sat down with Alter The Press to discuss their keyboardist Blake Healey leaving the band and being in talks for their own reality show.Excerpts: Recently, Blake Healey (keyboards/bass) left the band.Drummer for Metro Station, Anthony Improgo (Ant) has decided to leave the band after three years.Anthony is the second band member to leave Metro Station, with keyboardist Blake Healy leaving just three weeks prior to marry his long time girlfriend. ” Singers Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso are the only two members still in Metro Station.

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