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=0 THEN ret:=FALSE; END IF; ELSIF start_stop AND ret_code=0 THEN ret_code:=DBMS_PROFILER. It works, but it won't tell you if the value changed, only that the column is being updated (even if the update doesn't change the value). I like to write a trigger to insert, update, and delete a row.

In almost every program you write, you need to make decisions.

=0 THEN ret:=FALSE; ELSIF start_stop NOT IN ('START','STOP') THEN ret:=FALSE; ELSIF start_stop = 'START' THEN ret_code:=DBMS_PROFILER.

START_PROFILER(run_comment1=run_comm); IF ret_code=0 THEN ret:=TRUE; ELSE ret:=FALSE; END IF; ELSIF start_stop = 'STOP' THEN ret_code:=DBMS_PROFILER. STOP_PROFILER; IF ret_code=0 THEN ret:=TRUE; ELSE ret:=FALSE; END IF; END IF; END profiler_control; Notice that most of time the procedure will exit without generating an action, however, the exit is at the bottom of the IF-ELSIF stack.

If you need to determine if the value is changing, you'll still need to code comparison logic for :old and :new values.

When row is inserted/updated/deleted in table1, the same action is also applied for table2.

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