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The inner layer of Recon Armour acts as an energy-absorbent padding for energy dispersal, and helps prevent blunt trauma effects from high-velocity impacts.

The highly advanced materials used in Recon Armour's construction are very resilient to penetration and lightweight compared to more conventional Imperial materials such as plasteel.

With 20 years of experience assisting national, state, and local government agencies with their research needs, Recon MR has a proven track record of delivering high quality market research data collection and analytic services.

El Sueño left his village at 11 to become a sicario, telling people he wouldn’t come back until he became king.

We expect the results will surprise you---if you want to do something about this, please sign up to use Re Con today!

Recon Armour lacks several of the reinforced layers and armoured plates of Combat Armour, trading a degree of protection for greater freedom of movement.A comprehensive sensor suite mounted in the helmet allows for similar upgrades to Combat Armour.Behind the scenes, many mobile apps send extensive information about you to their servers, and to advertisers and analytics companies that profit from your data.Tip the scales by taking control of your enemy's objective and earning a score multiplier to your team.Recon MR is a data collection research firm headquartered in the Austin-San Marcos, TX metropolitan area.

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