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But even though the two now have a daughter together, there’s no signs that this will reconcile their tumultuous relationship.

In fact, the “I’ll Be Missing You” producer announced earlier this month that he is currently dating R&B singer Faith Evans.

Stevie shared the news of his new daughter’s birth on social media, writing “Bonnie Bella is beautiful” on his Twitter and posting a pic of their bundle of joy on Instagram.

Bonnie Bella is Stevie’s sixth child and Joseline’s first.

The first and only wife of Tupac Shakur hasn’t done any interviews since the 2003 release of the biography (Simon & Schuster), in which she felt she was unfairly portrayed. in the summer of 1994, while Keisha was attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice and working as a camp counselor. You know, of course my parents didn’t want me to be involved with anything like that.

As an educator with a master’s degree and a mother of two, the New York City native also feels worlds removed from the intense life she shared with ’Pac back when she was 20 and he was 21. 2Pac had already released his first two albums, and also in the middle of major legal drama, as he was facing charges of sexual abuse and unlawful possession of a firearm.

It was too expensive to have a cell phone back then, so he gave me his Sky Pager. Did you meet him before or after his sexual-abuse incident occurred?

co-star and his ex-girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez, welcomed a baby girl named Bonnie Bella yesterday (Dec. Although the baby wasn’t due to be born until early January, the on-again-off-again reality couple welcomed their first child together a week early.

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The NYC MC recently revealed the news on Instagram, showing off pictures of his newborn daughter, Melody Valentine.

C., Philadelphia and Denver before closing out on March 3 in Baltimore.

“God Know Im Sorry For Flight Her She wasn’t hurt my I Cut My Hand Like Wt F Im not Like That She Cheated on me an She Was Wrong God Know,” the “Feeling Good” rhymer wrote. Can’t lie I feel violated right now but I hope this will stop him from doing this to someone else.” On Twitter, Hyman is being accused of being a snitch, to which she replies, “Snitch? This nigga was texting me the whole time while breaking into my shit.

What a piece of shit please everyone REPOST my last post.

photo shoot at a New York City studio on a rainy June evening, the pint-sized, caramel-complected 38-year-old sits on a folding chair, straight-faced and uneasy.

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