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Tens of thousands of drunken driving cases could be thrown out across the state because officials withheld damning information about its flawed breath tests, according to defense attorneys who are asking a judge to “impose significant sanctions against...Police found two suicide notes saved on a floppy disk among the possessions of a deceased, previously healthy, 28-year-old man.The drones can quickly survey flat, open areas, leaving the dogs... 25 after pleading guilty to second degree murder in the 1979 murder of Karen Johnson, a cold case that the State Bureau of Investigation recently reopened using new forensic technology.The high-profile case of a former Oklahoma City police officer convicted of raping women while on duty focused the public's attention on the problem of sexual misconduct on the force, but his appeal raising questions about DNA evidence is playing out in...OSPHLD provides administrative direction to Laboratory Field Services and Laboratory Central Services.

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Or, if you've had a great day at any Hawaiian nude beach, share your experience with us in the Nude Beach Blog Please note that top free is legal on beaches in Hawaii except for state park beaches. You'll often find a drum circle with numerous instruments involved.Florida has put a man to death with an anesthetic never used before in a U. lethal injection, carrying out its first execution in more than 18 months on an inmate convicted of two racially motivated murders.The Swiss Federation of Civil Drones has for nearly a year been working with the Swiss Association for Search and Rescue Dogs (Redog), providing drone teams to help with search-and-rescue.These services include: receiving, processing and routing medical and environmental samples and specimens; developing, evaluation and performing decontamination protocols on medical waste; washing and preparing glassware and instruments; purchasing, breeding, maintaining a variety of laboratory animals and maintaining animal facilities.Public Health Laboratory System Working Group (PHLSWG) - The Director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) directed the State Public Health Laboratory Director to form a working group to discuss strategies to strengthen the public health laboratory (PHL) system in California – a key component of disease surveillance.

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