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Harassment with fear of violence is a person whose cause of conduct causes another to fear on at least two occasions, that violence will be used against him/her and who knows that his/her behaviour will cause fear of violence on each of the occasions is guilty of an offence.

The law still takes into account the "reasonable person" test when making a decision as to whether harassment with fear of violence has occurred.

(You can use our generic blank form for this purpose).

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If your neighbor is breaking any city law or ordinance, tell him why this is not acceptable.

Be specific about what’s bothering you, and ask if there’s anything that he wants to say or ask. Point out that you don’t want the situation to continue and would like to find a solution. If he’s bullying you for no reason, don’t budge and agree to something you think is unfair or threatening.

Try to understand your neighbor’s position and offer an alternative if his requests seem unreasonable.

However, all the circumstances of the incident will be taken into account when determining whether or not an offence has been committed.

The law takes into account the "reasonable person" test.

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