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Visit customer support hub Our general enquiries number is the best number to call if you want to register your product guarantee, book a service engineer visit, order a user manual or sales brochure, or if you have any other non-technical questions related to our products or services.03 Our award winning technical support team will answer any technical questions you may have on Worcester boilers, solar water heating systems, cylinders, heat pumps, controls, thermostats and product accessories.We are a non for profit charity, established in 1966 by a group of local companies looking for specific training in the local area.We are run by a board of executives made up of company directors from local companies.I'm American, and I don't think I have ever heard anybody pronounce Worcestershire sauce /ˈwʊstərʃaɪ(ə)r/.It's either completely mangled, like /'wɔrtʃɛstərʃaɪ(e)r/, or it's pronounced /ˈwʊstərʃi(ə)r/ or /ˈwʊstərʃər/. Common Worcester is a hybrid dialect of rural West Country with a substantial hint of Brummie/Black Country. The 'R' in 'Wuster' isn't so exaggerated but it could well be depending the individuals tone, if he/she leans more to the south (Herefordshire/Gloucestershire) or north (Birmingham).

In August a photo emerged of what appeared to be a dead schoolgirl laying on the side of the road in Worcester.

The first class was held, fittingly, near a nude: “Venus Disarming Cupid,” by Paolo Veronese.

Now, classes rotate from gallery to gallery, so that visitors who come back can get a new experience.

Checking a few random other sources, I can’t find any suggesting that the first @Noldorin: I wouldn’t have (or at least, not as the first suggestion) if I knew a good source which included any British rhotic pronunciations.

:-P Anyone know of one, preferably but not necessarily online?

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